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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 7, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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white bread, stay away. >> jamie: say goodbye to them. and saying goodbye to you. we are out of time. next week. and talk to the viewers, they are going to be tweeting. >> have a great week. >> eric: you too. believe it or not, it is 30 days, just 30 days until the election. and there is an information battle being waged from both sides. we are seeing some of the boldest campaign attack ads yet as the campaign is in overdrive. good morning on this sunday morning, i'm eric shawn, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: it's heating up and getting hotter. i'm jamie kol -- colby. the campaign's reacting to the performance at the first presidential debate. and there is the new jobs report friday that, shows unemployment,
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the rate is down. did we create enough jobs? we are looking ahead to the vice-presidential faceoff this week as well. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in port saint lucie, florida. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. 3:15 this afternoon, the governor will be here in port saint lucie, florida, a town that barack obama won in 2008. let's deal with the emotional moments. this started in st. petersburg, florida, on friday. the governor opening up, trying to show people he is not the scary, plutocrat that the obama campaign has been making him out to be, talking about a personal story with a son of church members, when governor romney was a senior member of the church in belmont, massachusetts. david came down with leukemia. governor romney, who was mitt romney, went to spend a lot of time with him. in the hospital, wrote out his will for him.
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here's what the governor said about david. >> and to all of this, david had the kind of strength and courage and... and maturity you see in so many of our young people and so many of the people in this great nation of ours. i thought of that wonderful slogan, clear eyes, full heart, can't lose. david passed away. but i will always remember, never forget his courage, his clear eyes, his full heart, he won't lose. jewel the governor has been talking about partial -- personal stories of pem on the campaign trail, but this is the first time he has talked about him helping people. this is something we heard about at the republican convention in tampa at the end of august. but the governor had been reluctant to tell those stories. >> >> jamie: the paraphernalias of that young man telling that story, very compelling. the debate fall rout is continuing as we look toward the vice-presidential debate. what's the latest on that front?
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>> reporter: it's a slugfest in the ad war, continuing to go at each other, over who is telling the dispriewght who wasn't. the obama campaign accuses governor rom no of being untruthful, talking about his plan to lower tax rates, saying it would result in a $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy. the governor hitting back with another ad, saying the obama campaign is not being truthful, even the president's deputy campaign manager has stipulated that that tax cut won't be anywhere near $5 trillion. expect that to go on back and forth, with the exception that governor recommendny will be switching tacts to go to foreign policy. we will be looking forward to that one and this event here in port saint lucie. >> jamie: john roberts, staying on the trail for us. thank you. >> eric: with 30 days to go, what do the voters want to hear? what do president obama and mitt
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romney need to do to clinch the white house? we have the chairman of civic foreign pac and a former political adviser to democratic new jersey senator frank lautenberg and a f contributor. >> thanks so much. >> eric: you just heard john roberts say that both sides have attack ads out, calling each other liars. how do the rotors sort this out. >> >> eric: as haley barbour is fond of saying, it is not rocket science, voters want mitt romney to convince them that that he has a plan to make america recover faster than president obama and that his policies will improve the lives of all americans over the next four years. he is effective when he draws contrasts between the president's failed policies and when he would do differently and reinforcing it saying, i am a principled, but practical candidate, i am willing to work across party lines to fix
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america's most pressing problems. >> eric: julie, what does the president need to do to bounce back? >> what he has been doing all along, you saw him leading in the polls because the president's campaign has been incredibly effective in the swig -- swing state, convincing voters that mitt romney shouldn't be trusted and nothing in romney's record as governor of massachusetts or bain capital would reflect well in the presidency. look, i will be the first to say, he bombed that debate. it was abysmal. it was a really horrible performance. there are a few more left. i am sure he won't be caught flat footed this time. and the numbers haven't shifted. if you look at pols in the swing states, the dynamics have not shifted. and the president needs to explain to the voters why 4 years from now, we will be better off than we were today and why we are better off than we were 4 years ago. >> that's not true. the polls are showing that mitt romney is getting a significant
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boost. frankly, if the president is going to say, we need to stay the course with a stagnant economy, that's know going to be a wiping message, if governor romney continues to say, hey, i have a plan to make the economy recover faster. >> i guess, you are right that mitt romney had a plan that he is talking about. but the problem is that he is saying stuff that he is not backing up. >> he has a five-point plan -- >> excuse me. i did not interrupt you. do not interrupt me. the five-point plan has no substance, no basis. it has nothing to back it up. i being have a five-point plan i. that's not true -- >> how's mitt romney -- >> we are talking about job creation. >> eric: wait a minute, julie. >> the president doesn't have a plan. he is triing to say, let's stay the course. if you want to tout mediocrity in a stagnant economy, that's fine. the voters know we can do better. and mitt romney is saying, unlike the president,
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particularly with obamacare, i am principled but practical and i want to work across party lines because if we don't work across party lines, we are not going to fix america's problems. you are proposing more of the same. >> i don't know if you lived in massachusetts. diwhen mitt romney was running i. i worked for the massachusetts state senate -- >> i will tell you this. first of all, it's a great story behind mitt romney's bipartisanship in massachusetts is completely false. but secondly, mitt romney wants to completely get rid of every provision of obamacare, including the components that voters support and including the parts that would prevent you from getting kicked off insurance with a pre-existing condition and say that if i get cancer, you can't throw me off i. i am glad that the new york times can carry the water for you. i worked in the massachusetts -- let me tell you something, there are 8 republicans in the state of massachusetts, just to breathe as an executive -- stop
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distorting the truth and deceiving the voter. >> you can yell all you want and i guess that's the way you think you would score point, the problems of mitt romney's so-called five-point plan has no substance behindp it whatsoever. kitaug being about energy independence and tax cuts and balancing the budget, but if you don't give you specifics about it, to back his case up, there is no way in the world, the arithmetic adds up for him. he can say that, but if you have independent people saying there is nothing backing up his statistics, you can spin all you want -- >> the math is -- >> the math is going to add up when we close the loopholes -- >> which ones? name one! name one. >> julie, you are attacking me. understand something, julie, to work across party lierngs it's
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hard to tout the loopholes because mitt romney knows he has to negotiate with the democrats and his own party. julie, you are touting falsehoods, if we close the loopholes and drop the tax rates, we will have the revenue. my favorite is the president, hey, i'm going to pay down the deficit, by taking money i borrowed for two wars to borrow it to pay it down. you would mystify enron accounts with that -- >> ladies and gentlemen, you should see that the republicans have absolutely nothing to back up which loopholes they will close, they will not give one specific. and you have the temerity to say he will negotiate with congress. he's the executive. he should have a proposal to tell us how he is going to accomplish -- >> like the president's non-existent proposal, julie? you are not willing to work at all. >> name one loophole, just one loophole. >> eric: wait a minute, julie. >> julie, understand manage. we have -- okay, i will give you
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one that would be great to cut. frankly, the homeowner's mortgage deduction. we know that there are plenty of loopholes out there. they need to be closed tomp make this happen, we are going to have to negotiate across both party lines as we know, the loopholes near there because both parties have an-- if you want to get rid of the homeowner's deduction, talk about a sizzle factor -- >> no, that's absolutely true. but we have to be honest about what is going to take. i hate to tell that you president obama is not being realistic. he is not being practical about the situation. mitt romneyee starting to. i think he will have to provide a few more specifics to keep the naysayers like the new york times and yulee at bay. but he's the only one saying, guess what, staying the course is not going to work and president obama is offering more of the same. >> if mitt romney is telling me i can't deduct my mortgage, that's great -- >> i have a feeling it is going
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to be among those in the top 1%. don't try to get back to the middle class [overlapping dialogue] >> eric: october 16 is the next debate. maybe this will wake up the president a little bit more. >> thank you. >> eric: vice-president biden will prepare to debate paul ryan later this week. you can watch fox's full coverage of the vice-presidential debate on thursday. it begins at 9:00 p.m., man, is everyone excited about the debates. >> jamie: this is sobering, gas prices in california have risep to an all-time high. according to triple-a, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline, climbing 4 cents overnight, after passing a four-year high one day earlier. what is behind the dramatic surge? brenda buttner, fox news
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business correspondent is here. let me throw out a couple of other figures. an average of 46 cents up over the last four day, including a record 19 cents joust friday, according to triple-a, that's 50 cents more than last week. what is going on? >> incredibly dramatic numbers. the basic thing is a temporary reduction in supply. we have seen an exxon mobile refinery close that is up again, that may bring the price down. we saw a chevron pipeline that pumps crude oil from southern to northern california, shut down. and then there is the issue of cleaner-burning fuel in california. basically, it can't use fuel from other states. so it is in essence, an independent market, a very volatile and fragile one. so refineries have stopped producing a lot of gas because they're are switching over to the winter blend.
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there are a lot of things that are unique to california. it used to be said that if come sneezes, the rest of the nation catches a cold. right now, i don't think that's going to happen. california sneezes and that cold is held right within that -- the left coast right there. >> jamie: what's the answer to it? >> a lot of it is the -- no refinery has been built in california since 1980. and so have you crude oil and prices have been going up. then have you refineries, they are the middle men to the gas stations. if there are not enough refineries, it is going on build the price up and bring the price up. that's part of what is happening. but we have had the temporary shortages and a hiewmg problem in california. and this is something that we should take note of with energy frls both candidates, both presidential candidates. they have so many different types of fuel that has to be used, cleaner-burning fuel, more
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regulations on cars and on drivers. that brings the price up. it is definitely a price booster. that's something we have to consider as we are talking about energy policy. >> jamie: should we drill more? are we close enough on alternative energy sources for those to come online and make a difference and give consumers a break? im we have been giving so much money to alternative energy sources to see. but, no. there is such a tiny, tiny part what have basically, we use, which is oil and gas. the one thing we have found in the united states, which is making us -- may make us a net exporter is natural gas. we have seen a real interest in that. but there is a debate about how to get that out of the ground. that's another political issue. >> jamie: i'm learning about public transportation. >> yeah. >> jamie: may have to consider
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it. >> the subway! there you go. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: put on the sneakers. fighting back against bullies. [crying]. >> trying to be nice. >> eric: coming up, how kids and parents across the country are taking a stand on this national anti-bullying awareness month. >> jamie: that's heartbreaking. presidential speeches and debates are practically a daily occurrence. do people hang on the candidates, like we did way back when we had memorable speeches? >> success may not come with rushing speed. but we shall return again and again. and we know that by thy grace and by the righteousness of our cause, our sons will triumph.
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>> it is definitely time for more americans to become more responsible when it comes to handling credit card debt. in today's take-charge consumer protection segm, i wanted to
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focus on a new report that shows that credit card delinquencies are dropping to its lowest levels in 11 years. jump on the band wagon. how do you pay down your debt? we have a representative from private wealth strategies. >> hello, yamy. >> jamie: you know, obviously, we shouldn't have credit card, we should only buy what we can afford. but a lot of people are having to rely on them, even for daily expectses of what are the tips that a professional like yourself can share with us to get it under control? >> not only can i share with you in 18 years of being a registered investment adviser. i have been through this myself. i have had to dig myself out of a hole in the samuation as many, many, many of your viewers. so i can testimony you, the first tip is, acknowledge that have you too much dent and you need a plan to get yourself out of it. get over the embarrassment, the shame, whatever, if have you
8:21 am
that. so do millions of other people. it's okay. that is step number 1. >> jamie: could it be helpful to actually sit down and write down what you owe? sometime our perception of what we think we have is so different from what we really have? >> i think that's exactly where i was going. the very next step is an absolute, every household in my opinion -- big, small, big income, small income, doesn't matter, every household should take a look at their complete financial picture, write down all of your debt, write down all of your assets, liabilities. and the most important thing is really understand your household budget. most people people can't remember off the top of their head what they spend money on. it's easy. go to google, search for household budget worksheets.
8:22 am
warning, it can be very painful, once do you that because you will find that you are spending a lot more on wants instead of needs than you may have thought. >> jamie: no, that is so helpful. when it comess to paying back. you only have as much income as you are [ing in. should you borrow from a retirement account to pay off credit card debt? >> you know, very important question. everybody's financial situation is really unique. so every solution regardless of the components you use needs to be like a custom tailored suit of clothing. most advisers will tell you, never, ever, ever touch your retirement savings. but for those people out there that might have had a dramatic change in circumstances, your income, you know, something along those lines, for somebody like that that is getting phone calls from debt collector, 10,
8:23 am
20, 30 times a day for a few thousand dollars of credit card debt. but they may have a decent amount of retirement plan savings, yes, there are tax issues that you need to look at, that for instance, you take money out of an ira and you are not 59 1/2, you pay a 10% penalty and income tax on top of that, even if you are in a low bracket, that will probably amount to 30 cents on the dollar you will lose out of that. 30% -- that's normal more than you are paying on a credit card, but there could be other factors. >> jamie: like being able to sleep at night i. amen! >> jamie: and take it out temporarily and put it back. the best thing is to make a payment and not ignore credit card debt. apparently, a lot of people are doing just that. great tips today. >> thank you. >> jamie: if you want more to take charge. if you don't -- who will? take a look at a number of
8:24 am
consumer issues i have covered. look at the page at the bottom. there is a link for america's news headquarters. and the take-charge link is there, too. there is a number of ways to take charge and save money. >> eric: always good advice. like that saving money. the allegation of voter registration fraud in florida are growing and the latest are against the state democratic party. the florida law enforcement investigating. the fox voter fraud unit will look at both sides. with the election 30 days away, we will look at weather both candidates could take pointers from some of america's most inspiring presidential speeches. >> our obligation is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who do nothing are
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so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> eric: the stories making headlines at this hour, the u.s. embass neislamabad, pakistan, warning americans to stay away from government buildings and several major hotels, citing a general threat, an alert issued by the pakistani security officials n. venezuela, voters are going to the polls right now. at stake, social president's hugo chavez' 14-year control of power in that country. later on today in cape canaveral, 34 da, the first privately contracted supply mission to the international space station is scheduled to left off later on tonight. >> background, we found it on
8:30 am
principle that all men are created equal. and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. >> jamie: well, that was president john f. kennedy, delivering his historic address in 1964. it was a speech that changed the national debate on civil rights. well, here we are with an election 30 days away. and the debates are in spule swing. a new book, presidential courage, three speeches that changed america, takes a look at the moments that have truly inspire period our nation. warren kozak is the author and he is here live. >> thanks for having me on. >> jamie: this is inspiring. you certainly did your homework. i read the speeches, one is four paragraphs. >> linkon's second inaugural, four paragraphs. can you believe that? >> jamie: what does it take to inspire a nation? how important are the words that
8:31 am
the presidents and presidential candidates say? >> critical, but what we are looking at are 3 speech, three presidents, three incredibly important junctures in our history. really the most dangerous momes in our history. and these three presidents through their words were able to give the country courage to make the changes that needed to be made. you don't hear that anywhere. >> jamie: you cover fdr, jfk and lincoln. how did you pick those three? how did you pick these speeches? >> my personal favorites. they have always fascinated me. let's look at fdr's peach for a second. this is the night of d-day, thousands of american boys are dying. there are mothers and fathers liching to his address that don't know they have lost their sons. they will get telegrams in the coming weeks. roosevelt knows this. he knows that he also has to get
8:32 am
the country to -- he knows that we have been at war for 3 years. and we have lost a lot of people. now the number of casualties are going to multiply. we have to keep building bombs and keep building bullets. >> jamie: you say he goes from the role of president to minister, rabbi, a counselor. >> he becomes the national minister. this shows how the country has changed. he leads the nation in a prayer. it is an ecumenical prayer that hay protestant, catholic or jew can recite. it's a gorgeous prayer. it is one of the finest melts in the presidency. and he gives the country courage to keep going and keep doing what they have to do to. >> jamie: the way you write, you take us back to these moments, moments even with linkon that are before the social media. president obama's speeches are not only carried carried on rady are on the internet. so how has the ability for a
8:33 am
president to communicate with the nation changed? are people paying attention like they used to? >> you hit on t. it's technology. technology has changed. but happening about this, for a second. when president obama gives a major address, his speech writers, his staff will take it through focus groups first so they can hear what they think the american people want to hear. you think lincoln had a focus group? do you think rose velor kennedy did? linkon was in the white house at night with lamp light, and he was writing -- >> jamie: ink well. >> a pen. he had an understanding of what he thought americans needed to hear. roosevelt, kennedy, the same. kennedy had ted sorrenson and a marvelous speech writer. but they worked together. roosevelt wrote that speech by himself. the only help he got was right before he went on, he ran it past his daughter and son-in-law. >> jamie: how interesting.
8:34 am
i appreciate that you say that i hit on t. i think anyone that has the tune to do an interview with someone who wrote a book, should read the book. i was very moved by the way you captured the moments that these president his in their mind when is they wrote these words. they really had the pulse of where the nation is at. how wries our president doing now with that? how connected do you feel he is in and what about governor romney as a candidate? you must be watching their speeches and debates very closely. >> i think everyone is. you know, i think it was peggy nunnen who said that president obama is a marvelous, marvelous speaker. we haven't had one since reagan with that ability. but can you tell me one quote from his speeches? >> jamie: change we can believe in. >> okay. there are buzzwords. this is not just president obama. other presidents recently have
8:35 am
just used focus groups to give these -- almost passive -- >> jamie: is their heart into it? when you watch the president and you watch governor romney? do you feel their heart is in it? do you feel like it goes over the heads of americans? are they paying attention? you set up a picture of people sitting in front of the radio, the whole family gathered together to watch and lich. i can't imagine a more important time than those times and the time we near. >> look at what kennedy was facing. he was facing a country that was completely divided over segregation. there were people that believed that segregation should continue. when he gave that speech, june 11, 1963, he made the decision -- and was this was a real political -- it was could have been a political disaster for him because he was giving up half of his party, there was going to be a crisis in the party. he was giving up the entire south because he thought it was more important than the country
8:36 am
move together. one interesting fact that i should point out, all three of these presidents died within one year of giving these speeches. they all day in office, coincidentally. >> jamie: it's so moving. i am so glad it was brought to my attention and that we had the opportunity to chat personally. i encourage everyone, it's a history lesson, many of us don't remember personally. we should go back and take a look as we look at the next 30 days. presidential courage. courage clearly plays a role. thank you for being here. best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> eric: thank you so much. well, speaking of electrics, you know, this one... exactly 30 days away. but has there been enough discussion about the war in afghanistan? liz trotta with her commentary now. >> still notice word on the war if afghanistan from the men who are seeking the presidency, although we may have late comment from hem in the
8:37 am
remaining two presidential debates, which will deal with foreign affairs. the war is on hold as the command waits for the election results and their marching orders from the old or new commander in chief. president obama has committed himself to 27 months more of fighting, until the withdrawal of the remaining 68,000 troops is complete. mr. romney, who indicates full-throated support for u.s. forces, may choose another path. meanwhile, the news from afghanistan is not good. al qaeda is back. the surge which made notable gains in the south, may soon be reversed by the influx of enemy operators. after 11 years of fighting the jihadis, afghanistan is still an an alluring opportunity to kill americans in central asia. for u.s. troops, it is not so great. in addition to bearing the brunt of self-defeating rules of engagement -- don't shoot until you see his weapon or get shot
8:38 am
at first, there are other burdens now. sensitivity training for the troops to better understand the finer points of afghan culture. the necessity for u.s. soldiers who are, quote, guardian angel, to protect their own from insider killing. the endless distribution of cash to quiet the native, the campaign to avoid civilian casualties at any cost and a tenacious enemy that knows these attacks by terrorists, wearing the clocks ofir afghan allies is a sure bet to crush moeral and attract worldwide publicity. so far this year, more than 30 young americans have died at the hands of our dubious alice. general john allen, commander of the u.s. presence, had it right when he called it murder. speaking of generals, one david petraeus, former commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, seems to have the escaped close scrutiny of his much ballyhooed
8:39 am
counter-insurgency strategy. it is the trendy approach to war, trumpeted by our military leaders as they accumulate masters and doctors degrees in military science. the counter-insurgency or coin policy, where the emphasis is on persuading hearts and minds over discharging a weapon, became sacred doctrine after general petraeus left iraq. in 2008. he was wearing a mantle of victory. many thought this meant the end of hostilities. no, coin didn't work in iraq. and it seems already on its way to failure, even in afghanistan, each if general petraeus enjoys his new job as director of the cia. every survey indicates that an overwhelming majority of americans want us out of afghanistan. sooner rather than later, perhaps even right now. but as in all war, the armed
8:40 am
forces command will push for continued presence in some form and there is an agreement in flies prop up afghanistan, with men in aid after the withdrawal of 2014. generals always want more troops. to deal with that challenge, whoever the wins the presidency will be guided by our own domestic economic troubles of last week, the head of nato said in an interview with the guardian newspaper that if the security situation allowed, he would not exclude the possible that in certain areas, withdrawal could be accelerated. all opings are on the able table, as they say, each peace. yet, not unlike the paris peace talks in 1973, to end the vietnam war, we are not likely to bomb the enemy interest a truce that will be honored. much of this may sound like defeatism, i daal realism, as the duke of willington said in 1815, a great country can have
8:41 am
no such thing as a little war. >> eric: voter registration fraud in florida. the head of that embattled republican contractor is defending his work. but now, the democrats are under fire. more complaints being investigated by law enforcement. we will have the latest on the registration troubles on both sides, next. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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>> eric: nows to the fox news voter fraud unit and the growing voter fraud allegations in florida. this time, it's the democrats' turn. the florida state democratic party is under investigation for possible voter reamingistration fraud. we done know the details, but the complains about the party and two outreach groups are being investigatedful it started a week ago with the republican company, whose owner is defending his work.
8:46 am
in an exclusive fox news interview, he blames a handful of ex-workers, who he says violated company policy and the law by handing in fraudulent registration forms. his company is strategic allied consulting. he says out of 5,000 workers in five states, less than 10 did something wrong. >> when law enforcement looks into this situation, what they will feel find is that our company had a systematic effort of quality control that looked for people trying to cheat the system. when we found them, we fired them immediately. we have a long paper trail to demonstrate the handful of people we caught cheating the system were fired and turned over for prosecution? his contracts are with the republican party, but his firm also did reamingster democrats. >> rumor and innuendo run rampant. it's a sexy story to scream the word fraud. it's unfortunate, registering
8:47 am
voters is critical to the electoral process. unfortunately, there is such a toxic climate associated with it now that i doubt very few other people will ever come to do paid voter registration everies again. >> eric: how do the authorities make sure they are legit? we have a representative from orlando. mike, welcome, thanks for joining usive thank you. >> eric: how come there are such problems with voter registration? it is the republican contractor. now we are told by the state authorities that the democratic party's being investigated? >> right. you know. it's election season, everyone wants to get involved. some people profit from t. so if a voter wants to know whether or not they are registered to vote or they want to, i think the big thing is to contact their elections office and eliminate the middleman who, they don't know and reamingster directly with the elections office. >> eric: look, you are at the supermarket, the mall, have you
8:48 am
your groceries, and you are pushing your cart, someone says, are you registered -- how did this start, the third-party groups? >> folks are perfectly allowed to do that, register people to vote. but as a voter if someone approaches you in a shopping mall parking lot -- if you were to receive an email from someone claiming to abe foreign prince, asking for your driver's license and the social security number, you know, you wouldn't do that. by the way, mail me a copy of your signature -- you wouldn't do that. you would go to the elections office. it's the number-1 way it make sure you are eliminating the middlemen who you don't know. >> eric: they may say, look, you want as many americans registered as possible. we are doing -- whether it's partisan or nonpartisan, we are doing our work to make sure that everyone is involved in this process. >> if somebody's getting paid a
8:49 am
commission based on the number of regitrations you get, you are opening the opportunity for people to say, well, if i can get more money based on the number i bring in, that's opening the door for fraud. if you want to register voters, do it without getting paid, volar to or direct folks to go to the local elections office. >> eric: that's what got a.c.o.r.n., they pled guilty to a felony in nevada because they were paying a plan called 21, paying for votes. how do you stop what happened to a.c.o.r.n. and from happening to other groups? >> the key is prosecution. if have you someone come from this outside, and molesting the voter registration system, they need to have their freedom amputated. they need to be serious. this is not something that is fun and games in an election season. this is confidence in people's number-1 rate in america, to
8:50 am
cast a ballot. >> eric: the integrity of our election system. good it see you. >> thank you. >> eric: if you suspect voter fraud, we want to know about it, there it is, rotor fraud, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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>> we go live to new york city to learn more about bullying. >> numerous bullying stories have surfaced in the last couple of would have gones. an ohio community is coming together after a 10-year-old disabled girl's parents say she was mocked at the bus stop for the way she walks. she has cerebral pallsy and has to use braces. a nine yearly boy teased her for a year on the bus and recently, his dad joined in what they called bullying. her grandmother showed william baillie and his son limping
8:55 am
awkwardly, walking down the street. it enraged viewers and hope's parents. >> she has never done anything to deserve anything like that. for him to make fun of her and to have his son do it, too. >> the canton, ohio, community had a pizza party to show support for the family, as well as draw attention to bullying as a whole. we are hearing from bail i wwho said he, quote, loves that little girl and a work injury is to blame for the way he was walking. hope's parents weren't buying it. >> my ribs are bruised. you are holding them ribs in for pressure. >> i am not sure what to say to that, other than that was a horrible excuse for doing what he did. >> jamie: another bullyinglying complaint, a discuring attack with a boy beaten unconscious as other students watch. a missouri mentally championed
8:56 am
teenager, found out that a homecoming plot was planned to pelt her with eggs and quack like a duck. school dropout rates and absences of victims of bullying are higher of bullied students and kid who is bully others are much more likely to have a criminal conviction by the ang of 24 and are more prone to become child and spouse abusers. >> jamie: shame on them. thanks for shedding light? >> the presidential race coming up, reince priebus and his counterpart of the dnc, debbie wasserman-schultz are on deck. wait until you see what they have to say.
8:57 am
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